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About us | Nissen Trading
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What can we offer?

We have over 30 years of experience in trading with companies in the Middle East. If you have an ambition to launch and sell your products in this part of the world, we can certainly assist you. We cooperate with the leading food companies in the retail industry. Companies which know their way in the market and have access to distribution which reaches all the way to the shelves in the local supermarkets.

Stable countries

We sell to all countries throughout the entire Middle East. However, our biggest export markets today are the politically and economically stable countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai.

Easier access to markets in the Middle East

We offer you “one-stop-shopping”. We buy your products from you and resell them to our network of trading partners. You sell to a Danish company with all that this implies in terms of security and trust.

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Marc Richter Nissen


About us

Nissen Trading is a family-owned business, managed and operated by 2. generation, CEO Marc Richter Nissen.

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More than 30 years of trade experience in the Middle East

The personal contact with our partners/clients in the Middle East is essential for us to create a successful business, and the strong relations which we have to our clients in the Middle East is based on more than 30 years of cooperation. We have lived and worked in Beirut, Lebanon, during a period before 1974 and we have learned about Arabic traditions and ways of doing business. Over the 30 years there has been a significant development in the entire region and today several countries in the region experience strong growth which opens up for new market opportunities.

Contact us today and let us discuss opportunities for your company in this vast export market.


A trading company with credibility

We do not make things more complicated than they need to be. We buy products from manufactures, and we resell the products to our clients all over the Middle East. We support our clients throughout the process and help to sell your products on the retail market.

We have over the last 30 years obtained a very high degree of credibility with our clients, and we on the other hand have 100% confidence in our clients, which is essential in order for us to create new success stories in the future.

What can we offer?